FASTWELL Medial Arch Support(3/4 leather)

There are a number of different reasons why your arches collapse, from broken bones to conditions such as diabetes. Even ageing can affect your feet as the tendons weaken and the arch gradually drops. Without the right support, a collapsed arch can cause a range of different conditions such as plantar fasciitis and even arthritis of the foot and ankle. The problem will only get worse if you do not have the right sort of insole.

With the FASTWELL Medial Arch Support (3/4 Length)  can provide your feet with the right level of support to stop this condition from developing further. Saving your feet from further pain and your body from stress and discomfort, the insoles will help support your feet in the right places.

Who Can Benefit from  FASTWELL Medial Arch Support (3/4 Length) 

The insoles are an ideal way to provide support to your feet. The 3/4 length soles means they are suitable for a range of different shoes - including peep toe sandals - but still provide the high level of support needed. Every step we take produces a shock that radiates up through the foot, causing strain on the tendons and ligaments. If you suffer from collapsed arches, the foot cannot take the strain in the same way.

The insoles are ideal for collapsed arches as they support the longitudinal arch of the foot and helps keep your feet in their natural anatomical position. The pad also supports the transverse arch, not only alleviating pain for those suffering, but helping to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

Ideal to use when suffering from knee pain, back pain associated with fallen arches.

Features of the  FASTWELL Medial Arch Support (3/4 Length) 

The FASTWELL Medial Arch Support (3/4 Length)  Insoles are designed to be lightweight and small, making them ideal for even tight-fitting shoes. The 3/4 length insoles are suitable for a range of shoes, even open-toed ones due to the anatomically shaped length.

With a shock-absorbing heel pad, the insoles cushion your feet as well as supporting both the longitudinal and transverse arches.

The insoles are made from fine leather. This helps to regulate the temperature of your feet and keeps them fresh even in enclosed shoes.

Size Guide:

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Medial Arch Support(3/4 leather)

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